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UltraSpin Washing Machine

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The UltraSpin Washing Machine is perfect for washing light clothes, such as tie, T-shirt, underwear, baby clothes that need to be cleaned separately. 

With its small size, this washing machine can be placed in pockets or bags. Perfect for students, travelers, campers, or people who live in apartments.

Also suitable for camping, as well as those days when you only need a couple things washed.



Main Features:

  • STERILIZATION DISINFECT:  With its advanced high frequency ultrasonic vibration and forward reverse turbine cleaning, the mini washing machine disperses, emulsifies and peels stain quickly and effectively during its deep cleaning process. Less water and laundry liquid is used compared to normal washing machines. 



  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of eco-friendly ABS, the mini washing machine is nontoxic, firm and wear resistant. It holds up to 1KG laundry weight. 

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Not only can this machine wash lightweight clothing, It can also be used to clean vegetables and fruit as well. 

  • SMALL & PORTABLE: The UltraSpin Washing Machine is convenient to carry around due to its small and compact size that can fit in the palm of your hand.


Please attach the UltraSpin Washing Machine on the bottom of the basin using the double sided suction cup instead of its curved walls.


Package Includes:

  • 1 X UltraSpin Washing Machine
  • 1 X USB Power Line 
  • 1 X Manual 
  • 1 X Double-sided Suction Cup  


*We also provide the UltraSpin Washing Machine + Foldable Bucket Option. Please view the dropdown list if interested. 


  • Material: ABS
  • Wattage: 6W 
  • Voltage & Current: DC5V, 2A/3A
  • Size: 13*13*5.3cm/ 5"x5"x2"
  • Color: White/ Blue/ Pink/ Green 
  • Load weight: 1Kg
  • Length of the cable: 1.2M




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7 reviews

Paula A.

This tiny washing machine is perfect to keep in my RV in case we need to wash one or two items while we are camping. I just put it in a small bucket and it is so compact it takes up very little space. It beats going to a laundromat in an emergency.

Alison N.

I always hated to wait for my parents' regular washer to fill up to save resources. I'm able to get my panties and bras clean anytime in my room and the manual is uncomplicated. Also, I noticed it's gentle enough for delicates that should be handwashed only.

Aaron H.

Its size of big palm, good for kids and baby clothes, kitchen clothes. Rotates well and water becomes dirty after the wash so its cleaning good.

Brandi B.

I use this device to wash kitchen rugs. It cleans very well!! It makes a little noise but does its job

Nathan B.

I bought a 10 gallon bucket at the hardware store and hooked this little darling up. I was happy with the results.

Calvin C.

Perfect for my hand wash only clothing. I only have small loads to wash and not very often. After washing I cleaned out the water and ran again with fresh water then rinsed the clothing again. Clothes came out clean and without any damage.

Roxanne L.

The product is not as small as I though it would be but still very light in weight. Tried it for a few spins and it seems to be doing its job! Perfect for small volume washes for hand towels and delicate pieces, no need to waste water and energy by using the big washing machine. Looking forward to travelling with it, too. Will definitely recommend to friends.