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Portable Wrapping Paper Cutter

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The outdated way of cutting wrapping paper has never worked, because the slice is either jagged, ripped, or crooked. Very frustrating right? Now use our Wrapping Paper Cutter, for a safer and easier way to cut your wrapping paper this holiday season!


  • Made easy and fun 
  • flexible material that fits any size roll of paper 
  • Simple yet perfect blade angle, to ensure safety with every cut 
  • Very efficient tool to save you time and money this Christmas 


NEW!!- We've innovated our design and now Handcraft all of our Wrapping Paper Cutters from our durable matte acrylic plastic. This will allow for a longer lasting Cutter! Not only that, but we also added a safety lip on all of our cutters to ensure a safe and precise cut! 

Here is how it works step by step:

1. Slide Wrapping Paper Cutter over the wrapping paper. Remember the device is flexible so it can be used on any size roll of paper.

2. Pull a sheet of paper through the larger slot in the device. 

3. Once the sheet of paper is the desired length, slide Wrapping Paper Cutter to the end of the roll allowing the paper to drop into the slot where the blade is embedded. 

4. Now gently push Wrapping Paper Cutter forward to cleanly cut the paper.

5. Once the slice is complete, simply bring Wrapping Paper Cutter back to the center of the wrapping paper. It doubles as an organizer! Your paper will not roll away or become unorganized.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We take pride in delivering 'Grade A' craftsmanship. That is why we inspect all orders prior to shipping them to ensure all items meet quality standards. In the Rare case of a faulty item, contact us and we will assist you immediately.


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9 reviews

Francesca Y.

Tried a few times to use but not managed a clean cut yet! Keeps ruffling up the paper. Very frustrating, obviously I need more practice! Quite hard plastic, not as pliable as I expected. Will keep trying as think it would be a cool gadget once I get the hang of it! Really quick delivery.

Nikko S.

I've always wanted it for Christmas wrapping!! Works well for now

Tom K.

fantastic gadget

Nick H.

Very good value for money ! Delivery was extremely quick 6 days to california, Thanks.

Brianna C.

Great trustworthy seller and great product!

Megan T.

Works well on good quality thicker wrapping paper


Katie O.

At first I was skeptical about buying from these guys, But after seeing there ads everywhere and my friend got one I decided to finally buy my own and I got to say these things are sweet. Definitely going to buy some more.

Anthony S.

A $20 product that will save you so much time and hassle and last a few years, Christmas gonna be a breeze

Emily B.

Cant Wait to use it this Christmas for all my daughters presents. Just by feeling the quality if the cutter, i can tell its going to last a few more Christmas seasons! Awesome Experience.